Unique Art of Leaf Carving

Leaf Carving is a new art form that originates from China. This is a very delicate and time taking art process, its not easy for a skilled artisan to take a delicate precision with the help of a knife. In the process  of leaf carvings, leaf is slowly scrapped of its outer layers and eventually it reveals a almost transparent surface.
In leaf carving a lot of special care is taken to keep the veins of leaf intact so that the carving does not spoil the stability of the leaf.
This process of leaf carving takes months of careful and delicate work for a single leaf.. When is leaf carving is finished, it is preserved and framed so that the same will last for decades. The most preferred leaf for such carving is of the ‘Chinar” tree, which is found mostly in India, Pakistan and China. In Chinese culture, Chinar tree is a symbol of luck and prosperity, thus mostly used for leaf carvings.

Examples of this art form: