Jun 13, 2013

Micheal and Inessa Garmesh- "A Husband and Wife Painter Team"

Micheal Garmesh Started painting at an early age of three years. It all started in Ukraine in 1969. He started his formal training at the age of six at the Lugansk Youth Creative Center. His teachers used to love his work and started to send his works to different exhibitions in the Soviet Union. He graduated from the Lugansk State Fine Art College in 1987. Lets come to Ms. Inessa Garmesh who was born in Kitaichik in 1972, Russia; she has excelled in music, dance and fine arts from the very beginning.

So how did they start to paint together?  This husband and wife duo has a very interesting story.  After their marriage Michael Garmesh began painting for their 2 year old daughter for an art project. But that painting got spoiled somehow and without the knowledge of her husband, Ms.Inessa Garmesh fixed the painting and packed it up and gave it to him to submit. That painting was regarded as the best ever work by him.
Since then, Micheal and Inessa Garmesh are working together to create paintings, mosaics and drawings. They have exhibited in many different parts of the world.

They are Romantic Impressionists. Check some of the beautiful paintings by this husband and wife team right here  J :  

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