Jun 6, 2013

Hyper Realistic Paintings by Jessica Rebik

Jessica Rebik is figurative photo-realist painter from Galena, IL. She is working as an assistant professor of art at Clark University in Dubuque, Lowa. She has done MFA in painting from Florida University, 2007 and BFA art from Clarke University, 2002.
According to Jessica her newest art works are an attempt to expand the possibilities of  her photo realistic paintings. She uses photographs which are digitally manipulated as a reference of her art works. She unapologetically uses the role of photographs in her paintings so that a viewer gets aware of the distinction between the original subject of painting and themselves. The main objective of the body of work is to create a connection between the viewer and painting.
Her paintings are hyper realistic which shows a lot of human emotions and less colors. She has a very distinctive style of painting.

I liked her painting style a lot and assembled some of her art works here, hope they will be liked and appreciated by you too J

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