Jun 6, 2013

Awesome Oil Paintings by Nafiseh Moeini

Nafiseh Moeini was born in 1975 in Tehran, Iran. From the very beginning she was interested in painting and followed it since childhood. She got admission to the college of Psychology in Shahid Behesti University in 1994, while she was learning the principles of oil painting and drawing from Morteza Katouzian.
As she was a Masters in Psychology, she had a thorough understanding of human beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behavior, which added both practical and theoretical impression and value to her art works.
Later she improved and enhanced her knowledge base with the help of various art professionals such as Djamal Khorrani Nejad, Ali Nedaei and hossein Maher. She then established her art studio in 1997 and is exhibiting her art works in various art exhibitions these days.

You can see some of her art works below:


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