Jun 20, 2013

Australian Impressionist Landscape painter-Graham Gercken 1960

Graham Gercken is an award winning Australian Painter who was born at Southport Old in 1960, however he spent most of his life in the Blue Mountains West of Sydney.
He is a self taught artist with a passion for oil colors and painted wet into wet. His professional career started by selling paintings to the bus tourists who visited the Three Sisters Every day.

His paintings were well received and he spent near about 9-10 years painting at Echo point. In 2003 he traveled to China where is met many artists who taught him the technique of ink wash painting. 
His paintings show a vivacious collection of different tones of colors. His works have been presented to visiting sports persons, dignitaries and are in collected by art collectors and corporate houses all around the world. 


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    1. Very True Varnalayam! Thanks a lot for stopping by and liking :)

  2. I am speechless...I am so so small to give my comment.

    1. How sweet Dhanashree! I too loved his works. He is an amazing artist..

  3. Obras de arte bellisimas... magnificos paisajes


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