Quick Guide to Draw Realistic Eyes with Pencil

Hi all, 
Hope to find you all in best of spirits :) Today, i have come up with quick tips to draw realistic eyes with pencil shading. As we all know that to draw realistic eyes is crucial for any portrait drawing. They make immense difference to a portrait. The best way to learn how to draw realistic eyes is to practice, yah i know that you have heard this line "practice makes the man perfect" a thousand times before ;) but trust me, this particular sentence had made a lot of difference to the drawing and painting potential of all most all the artists.  Now its your turn to start learning and finding your hidden potential to draw. well!! I am not a very great artist but i believe that if i have learned something new then i must share it with people who also wanna share a new concept that i have learnt. Apologies for any mistakes in this tutorial.. :( I have tried my best to share how to draw realistic eyes. Your comments, suggestions and views are most welcome. As I always say that i love reading them :)


1) Make a circle, fill in the circle with a light tone as explained in the figure below:

Step 1

2) Now, shade the circle with a darker tone as shown below:

Step 2

3) Now shade from a darker to a lighter tone in circle from top to the bottom:

Step 3

4) Do Repetition of step 3 and draw a darker and smaller circle in the middle of the Circle as follows:

Step 4

5) Repeating steps 3) and 4) but this time leaving a small white circle or highlight in paper white. With this you have completed the drawing of Iris.

Step 5

6) Finally repeat the step 5) and draw the other details of eyes by drawing eyebrows and eyelids etc:

Step 6

Now, Your realistic eyes are complete. Hope you had a great time reading this tutorial :)