Metallic Fabrica Acrylic Colors by Camel

Product Code: 2206610,    Pack of 4 Assorted colors in 10 ml bottles

Hello guys, how are you today? hope to find you in best of spirits and in a happy mood :) Well !! Today  i am going to give you review of Metallic Fabrica Acrylic Colors by Camlin Limited.

Overview: This pack of colors contains four Metallic shades of colors namely: Gold, Copper, Silver, Bronze. These are in liquid form and comes in a compact size which makes them ideal for beginners.Net content is 10 ml X 4 Bottles.
Non-Toxic, hence safe for children.
Total Price: INR 85
Fabrica acylic colors by Camlin Ltd.
 260 copper 

261 Gold
262 Silver

259 Bronze
Pros: Excellent on silk and dark coloured backgrounds. These colors are vibrant, creamy that can be used primarily on fabric, they also work good on earthenwax, leather, canvas, wood, glass, thermocode. The name of Camlin Ltd is established since 1931 which is the largest manufacturer & supplier of school and office stationary all over the world does not disappoint us with this product.

Cons: Doesn't look that good on light color backgrounds.

My Recommendation: These colors work well with fabric as well as canvas, glass etc and its pricing is also affordable, so i would recommend this product. These shades e.g. gold, silver, bronze and copper will definitely improve your painting and its texture, you must try your hands on this product. On a scale of 10,  i will give this product 7.5 credits.  :)


  1. Hi..
    I have bought approx 15 colors in favicryl fabric acrylic colors..instead if something else entirely.
    Can u suggest where i can use them..
    Im an oil painter by hobby.

  2. can use fabric colors on fabrics such as cotton,silk,woven, non-woven and canvas's. Fabric acrylic colors can be brushed and air brushed and gives beautiful result!! acrylic fabric colors are harmful for skin so try not use them for body painting or something. Fabric acrylic colors are fun to be with :)So try your hands on fabric acrylic painting. I am sure you gonna love it :)

  3. Is it oil or water based?

  4. I hav used d metallic gold color on my cotton fabric...wat shud i do to prevent it frm fading???
    Should i use fabric medium for painting wid these colors ???

    1. Sorry for replying late. Yes you can opt for some good fabric medium to prevent it from fading, it would be of great help to you i guess

  5. Where can I buy these fabric colours as I live in Canada and miss these colours

    1. Hi Friend! have you tried to purchase these via online? I mean have you searched these colors on websites like amazon etc?

  6. Hi I just sent a post hope I get more information.


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