May 31, 2013

Claude Monet and His Famous Paintings

Claude Monet

Birth: 1840
Death: 1926

Claude Monet was born in Nov 14, 1840 in Paris. Monet spent most of his youth in Le Havre where he used to draw caricatures of the locals. He was a rebel in school and used to disobey the rules.
However, his mother Louise Monet used to encourage her son in his budding talent. Earlier he was not very interested in painting until he met a man who would become his mentor ‘Eugene Boudin’ and encouraged Monet to go outside and paint nature scenes.
Although he painted mostly landscapes and nature scenes, human figures were also included by him in his paintings. One day, while he was in a picnic, he asked one of his friend ‘Bazille’ and a beautiful lady to pose for him as a subject of his painting; little did he know that the same lady would become the love of his life, wife and a subject of many of his paintings in futureJ
Claude Monet died in the year 1926. He was a true artist, master, genius who had a great understanding of colors and light which had helped him in creating some of the most impressive and important paintings in the history of arts. One of his most famous paintings is Water lilies

Examples of his works:

Water lilies
Water lilies

Monet's painting features a men's top hat

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