May 6, 2013

Alyssa Monks Hyper realistic Paintings

What a hyper realistic painter she is !! Just wow, superb..These were the two words that suddenly struck my mind when i saw her paintings. Though it is very difficult for anyone to believe that her works are oil paintings as they look like real photographs at first instance. But friends, i salute her talent, so inspiring and mesmerizing.

Alyssa Monks
Alyssa Monks was born on 1977 in Ridgewood, New Jersey, she started to paint in her childhood itself. She studied at New school in New York and later completed her M.F.A. from New York Academy of art. She took lectures at institutions and universities nationwide. She uses filters such as glass, steam, water, vinyl. Her works basically revolves around female figures, close ups and are such a treat to watch!! I have enclosed some of her works here in my blog so that you also enjoy her works and creations. :)

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