Types of Paint Brushes

Hi Friendss!! being an artist, this thought always keep coming in our mind that there are how many types of paint brushes and what are their uses?? To make it a bit easy for all of you to understand, today i am gonna write about all kind of brushes available in the market :) All types of paint brushes are listed below along with their main purpose:

Types of Paint Brushes
Types of Brushes

Oval, Filbert Brush:

This is a chiseled Rounded brush, instead of being flat. This type of brush is used for base coating, side-loading just like a flat brush, blending and due to its ability to hold a good amount of water in it, it is also used for applying washes of colors. As it looks like a cat's tongue in shape, it is very useful for doing petals, Bird feathers, and plant leaves.

Flat, Wash/Glaze & Shaders:

Types of Paint Brushes
Flat Brush

These are the most commonly used paint brushes and are very versatile. They are mostly used for Stroke work, base coating, Blending, Floating and Varnishing.

Angle Fat, Angular Shader, Rose Petal:

Types of Paint Brushes
Angular Shader

As the name suggests, it is a kind of brush with an angular chisel or brush tip You cannot get a good flow with this brush as it holds less color and water. It is best to use for doing highlighting and tight shading, painting roses and flowers.

Liner, Short Liner, Long Liner, Script Liner:

They range from size 18/0 to #8 and are from round family brush. It is best for doing fine lining, there is a huge variety in this type of brushes and one must choose the right size according to his/her taste and requirement. It is best for doing scroll work and off course doing detailed work like eye lashes etc.

Chisel Blender and Bright:

They are flat family brushes, with short hair, holds less water hence not ideal for doing flowing work. They are good for blending and other techniques.

Round, Ultra Round:

Types of Paint Brushes
Round Brush

They come in many sizes, ideal for watercolor and stroke work. Using this brush is the best way to learn how to paint beautifully and it makes the foundation for all your painting efforts. Its practice is a must to become a good painter.

Mop Brush:

Available sizes are 1/4", 3/8", 3/4", 1/2" and 1". They are best for softening, blurring and blending.


For giving a soft and general appearance to the painting, these types of brushes are used, they are oval with flat bristles. They come in different sizes, choose according to your requirement.


They are used for making beard, feathers, grass, hair, fur etc. do not overload these kind of brushes with paint or water. They are available in many sizes.

Dagger Striper:

They are beautiful brushes with lot to variety to share. With its help you can make petals, do strips etc.
They come in various sizes.

Fan Brush:

Types of Paint Brushes
Fan Brush

This is a flat brush and its bristles are widely fanned out. It can be used wet to create textures. Its also very helpful in giving wood grain effect.

Some other kind of brushes are:
Fandango Brush.
Needle pointed Brush.
Wave Brush.
Fountain Brush.
Whale's Tale.


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