War Scene in Painting

Roman wall paintings of early period, i.e. 4th century BC offers paintings of everyday life and portraits of the heroes complete with most homely details. The depiction of the period shows its artistic quality and how people looked in the past. Though sculpted portraits have been found, only a few painted portraits have been noticed as cited above. This painting depicts the battle waged between Alexander the Great and Darius. The scene is said to have been painted by Philoxenus of Eretria at the order of King Cassandra of Macedonia.

Philoxenos: 'Alexander and the Persians'. 1st C.BC
In the Painting is a vivid depiction of war between two kings.
This painting stands as the first example of a depiction of a war-scene with all its fury and vigour. The composition is densely peopled and animated, organised. The expressions of the faces are dramatic. Mastery of light and shade can be seen within a restricted color scheme(blues and greens not used). Its seems that 4th century BC paintings deliberately avoided greens and blues, which upsets their careful modelling in light and dark. The great discovery of 4th century gives a beautiful picture of light, space and emotion opening artistic vistas leading to modern times.