How many of you love pencil shading?? I guess you answer must be in the positive side. :) There is rare to find an individual on this planet who don't appreciate arts, crafts, drawing, pencil shading and coloring.
In this and subsequent articles My aim is to strengthen and improve your skills in pencil shading so that you gain confidence in your own abilities to draw with pencil. You might find some of the assignment a little complicated-do them slowly; they will help to enhance your understanding of light and shade.
You will find your efforts much appreciated when you will be able to sketch your family, friends, surroundings, using the skills you have acquired with the help of articles published here. You will be glad to acquire such a beautiful skill.

To start of with you will need the following to start learning pencil shading:

1) Pencils: 0.5HB(clutch pencil), HB, 2B, 4B and charcoal pencil can also be used( its better to start with HB pencil group before moving to start shading with charcoal pencil.)
0.5 HB pencil is used add fine details on hair and face..
HB pencil is medium in darkness and work well in sketching.
2B pencil is a bit darker and softer as compared to HB pencil.
4B pencil is the darkest among all of them.

2) Sharpener: HB pencil can be sharpened using sharpener. Its better not to use sharpener for 4B & 2B pencil as they are comparatively softer and may tend to crack, its better to use knife or cutter to sharpen them.

3) Eraser: A good quality, clean and soft eraser.

4)Cutter: As earlier specified; its to sharpen 2B and 4B pencils.

5) Paper: Last but not the least, you will need some paper/medium on which you can draw ;)

This is a beginners article on pencil shading, next article to be published soon :)..Keep coming back friends to learn arts/shades/coloring..