How to decide what to paint and draw??

Confused over what to draw and paint?? Don' be. The first and foremost thing which is most important for a fine artist is to be cool, calm and look into his/her inner self and mood. Remember, we draw to make ourselves happy and enjoy the beauty of colors and arts, so there should not be any room for worries, confusion and frustration.
Find out whats your mood? Then decide the theme and choose the colors that best describes your mood and nature. If you are still not able to decide what to draw or paint and are not able to hear any specific voice from inside, you may get inspiration from the art work of some other fine artists. When you try to explore the art work of others, soon you will find yourself in other world of art full of imagination, really it works, it had worked on me too :). After exploring the options available, you may decide what theme, color and tones you are willing to use in your art work. As i always say that its OK to copy and get inspired by others.

Do not feel irritated and annoyed if the painting does not come out to be as good as you expected. This happens with all of us. Do not get disheartened, try to improve your work and painting skills and soon you will realize that you are becoming a pretty more confident and a better artist who can put his/her imagination on the canvas pretty nicely & as identical as he/she had thought. Go and grab the colors, paint the whole world :) :)