People Often ask me a question that what is the difference between watercolor, oil color and Acrylic colors and how to start off with them. 
Well!! Water, oil and acrylic colors are all different. In water color and acrylic color the mixing medium is water and in oil colors, the mixing medium is oil, generally linseed oil. Brush used in Oil colors need to be rinsed with turpentine. However, brushes used in watercolor and acrylic colors can be easily washed off with plain water.
In water colors we start from light to darker color tone and in oil colors we start from darker to light color tone. Acrylic and watercolor dries very quickly but oil color takes a bit longer to dry up. Its my personal opinion that oil colors offers a variety of strokes and other variations which acrylic and watercolor will never be able to give. All these colors are good to start off with but a person should choose a coloring medium according to his taste and preference. 

If you are new to painting, start learning how to put strokes on a white paper. Its ok to copy if you cant find an idea by yourself to put on paper. Just start by taking a brush and paper and don't fear to draw and do not hesitate if at first the painting doesn't seem to look gr8. we paint to remove tension from our mind, not to get upset. And remember artists are not born, artists are made. Cheers :-)