Spiritual Landscapes

The painting ' Man and Woman Gazing the Moon' presents the couple in a deserted, haunted landscape setting watching the moon. They are shown from behind gazing at infinity which he used as a device for expressing human infinity. Friedrich's 'Man and the woman Gazing at the sky' portray two wanderers fixed in time and place confronting the infinite and eternal manifestation of God. Beyond them the moon rides in the infinite sky. A quiet meditative melancholy and the object of the couple gazing at the moon became popular themes not only in painting but in the poetry of the period.
Landscapes of Friedrich's are hypnotic and memorable. His Landscapes are melancholic and are always concerned with an immense and impersonal world, responding to no human emotion except sadness.

Caspar David Friedrich: 'Man and Woman Gazing at the Moon', 1830-35
Picture Source: commons.wikimedia.org