Hi Art Lovers !!

Welcome to my fine art blog :-) This blog is a part of my dream where i intend to showcase my passion for fine arts, painting, photography, sketching, drawing, creative works and ideas .

About me??

Well!! I am a commerce professional who loves fine arts, illustration, photography, beauty, fashion etcccc. I love blogging and writing as well ;).
I am the Founder and Owner of www.fineartandyou.com

Now! let me introduce you to this beautiful fine art blog:

What is it about??

1) Its a blog full of beautiful paintings, Photography, Sculpture and other art works!!
2) Its a mesmerizing place to view amazing art works by some famous and some not very famous artists like me ;-)
3) A blog consisting art history, culture and its tradition!!
4) A tool to learn art via various fine art mediums!
5) Its a place where you can loose yourself in the beautiful world of art and run away from home without leaving your home physically. :P
6) Last but not the least, a platform where you can share your thoughts, works, knowledge and experience on fine arts with the world.

Hope you have a great time browsing this fine art blog !!


The materials, art works and paintings on this site are reproduced for enjoyment, information purpose, promotion of artist and their art works only.
If you or your organization possess the copyright to any such image and will be able to prove such a claim, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Use of these materials and art works here at this site are not in any case intended as a copyright infringement on any of the artist or any other entity's copyrighted material. If you believe that any material found on my site has been used in a any such manner which constitutes infringement of your copyrighted work, I will remove it as soon as possible after you notify me.
Wherever possible I have tried my level best to include a link to the artist's website to encourage and promote the artist and direct the traffic to the original source from where the pictures are taken.

If you are an artist and would like your work to be added to this site then please contact me at 



  1. i totally love your blog... will try to find out if i have some talent left in me.. will love to submit it to this blog :D

  2. Sure sweetie :) you are most welcome :) thanks a lot for leaving such a wonderful comment :) :*

  3. I am interested in your blog, since I am an artist. And I would like to know more about Maria Ilieva of Bulgaria and cannot seem to find her on the web. Do you know if her work is for sale?
    A link to my art is: https://www.saatchiart.com/verlainecrawford

    Thank you,



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