23 Lovely Kolam Rangoli Designs To Inspire You

23 Lovely Kolam Rangoli Designs To Inspire You

I love Rangoli and Kolan Designs/Rangoli designs are a part of the life of every Indian. We Indians love color and at many festive occasions we love to decorate our home with beautiful colors with the help of these Kolam, Kolam Designs, Rangoli Designs etc. these designs and colors are parts of our daily life which are made on the floor to showcase our joy and celebrate a particular occasion.
In this fine art/paintings/design inspiration blog, today I have come up with some amazing and inspirational Kolam and Rangoli designs. Hope you like and get inspired.


  1. Interesting post :)
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  2. whoaaaaaa amazing art!!! ❤


  3. These are gorgeous! I'd be so happy if I saw art like this in the streets.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. They are all beautiful!



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