Sep 16, 2014

20 Mind-Blowing Oil Paintings By Richard Young

20 Mind-Blowing Oil Paintings By Richard Young

Hey art lovers! How are you all! Today I am going to share some very wonderful emotive oil paintings by Richard Young with ‘Dance’ as a theme. When I first saw these are works I was so much impressed by this artist’s talent of capturing each and every moment and movement of dance on canvas.
Well! Richard Young is a contemporary British artist who loves to do oil painting since his childhood. In short oil painting is his passion since childhood. He draws wonderful dancing figures which include figures of flamenco, belly, ballerinas and tango dancers. All the figures in his paintings are very moody, passionate and emotional. Richard is very much inspired by romanticism and realism. Have a look at some his art works and  enjoy.


  1. i love ballet and all pics are perfect!


  2. Nice post,kisses.


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