Jul 28, 2014

25 Lotus Flower Pictures to Inspire You

                                           25 Lotus Flower Pictures to Inspire You

Flowers inspire most of us and everyone loves to have a look at beautiful flowers. Take for instance, Lotus flower, which have been an inspiration for holy men and artists all around the world. These amazingly beautiful flowers wrap the strange aura which is made up of purity and light.
 It’s really difficult to escape the beauty and warmth of the beauty of lotus flower. It can be said that the beauty of flower pierces through the soul of our body and mesmerizes our inner self. This lotus flower also has a great significance in various religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism etc. In this fine art blog post I have compiled some of the very beautiful lotus flower paintings for you. Hope you like these and enjoy:

Image Source: Google


  1. Very refreshing and beautiful!

    Hugs & kisses

  2. I love lily.
    great post with the list.
    Thank you.


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