Jun 13, 2014

Photo Manipulations Photography by Chiara Fersini

Photo Manipulations Photography by Chiara Fersini

It’s a long time since I have shared the art works of any Italian artist. We all know that since immemorial times Italy has produced many talented and skilful artists. Who can ever forget the name of the most famous artist of the world “Leonardo da Vinci who crated many masterpieces like ‘Monalisa’ etc? 

Yes, you got it right. Today my pick is an artist/photographer from Italy who is a very talented creative Photo manipulator. This photographers name is Chiara Fersini and she hails from Lecce, Italy. She started her research work in photography in the year 2007 by finding and investigating the inner relation between painting and photography. She has taken a lot of inspiration from pre-rephaelites painters and their liberty styles. At first Chiara used to take photography as fun, now she has realised the importance of photography to showcase her inner feelings to the outside work.


  1. It is wonderful how knowledgable you are on the subject of art - it is lovely to see such passion! :)

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  2. great!!!

  3. They are all amazing!


  4. Beautiful images.
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  5. Sorry, are these paintings or photographs? Either they are stunning.


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