Mind-Blowing Children Paintings by Brian Neher

Mind-Blowing Children Paintings by Brian Neher

This time I am going to share amazing children paintings by very talented portrait artist from Charlotte, North Carolina whose name is Brian Neher. He very beautifully captures the moments in the life of children and also their amazing facial and eye expression.
Brain was born in Virginia in 1972 and started drawing and painting at an early age of three years and he later earned Bachelor of Arts from Pensacola Christian College from Pensacola, Florida. His art works have gained a lots of accolades nationally as well as internationally. He is an award winning artist and his portraits have been showcased in Portrait & Figure Painting Highlights by American Artist Magazine, Charlotte magazine and ID-Digest.com.


  1. Nice post,kisses..


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  3. These are absolutely gorgeous!

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  4. These portraits are so realistic!!


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