Laura Den Hertog | Canadian Figurative Painter

Today, I am going to share paintings by Laura Den Hertog. This artist hails from Canada and specializes in Figurative paintings and art works. Laura’s art works are very much appreciated by almost all the art lovers. Let’s see what does the artist have to say:

My reasons for painting what I paint and doing it the way I do are really pretty simple. I’m fascinated by the things we do that are the same throughout time, regardless of changing social structures and technology. I think we are all creating in our everyday lives. I have the greatest respect for both the things people make and those who make them, from a simple loaf of bread to a ship that sails on the sea.
I live and work in idyllic Quebec with its multitude of lakes, rivers and streams and within spitting distance of northern New England. When not in my studio, I can be found out and about in my ancient Volkswagen camper van searching out beautiful places and meeting incredible people to paint.
I am happiest with a brush in my hand surrounded by a mix of technology and antiques…both keep me humble.

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