Michael Malm | American Figurative Painter | 1972

Michael Malm is an American Figurative Painter who was born in 1972 and is currently living in the Cache Valley of Northern Utah with his loving wife Juanita and they are blessed with four children. He paints variety of subjects with diverse background. He lives in a place which is surrounded by rural communities which provides backdrops for his figure paintings. He takes his inspiration from landscapes and human figures. He loves to draw figurative works. When asked about his love for human figures, he adds, “The human figure, in my mind is the most beautiful of all God’s creations. So much can be communicated through the tilt of the head, or the gesture of a hand. I strive to capture subtle things such as these in hopes of creating something emotional and moving”.

His paintings subjects are diverse and his style is unique. He truly knows how to play with light and colors. His art is liked by every art lover, be it a small child to a 70 year’s senior citizen. His paintings take the viewers to a place where they find themselves surrounded by natural beauty including landscapes, rural communities and beautiful people.

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