Ariel Gulluni | Figurative Painter | Argentine painter

Having drawn since I have memory, travel paths through the comic, artistic drawing, illustration and painting, never until about two years ago, I suspected that was the space, the world he wanted to live.
Upon completion of high school, and thinking I did not want mandatory converted into something I liked and enjoyed, I decided to run away from the institutionalization of art. So I studied sociology, where I won a stilted language simplified cost me today, I refined taste to theorize and generalize, and made ​​friends with the philosophy.
Today, I discovered and stated that this is my world. A world of light, shadow, color, turpentine, graphite, paper, shaving brushes, oils and acrylics. And great monsters of the past and present joining us.
Here, let me share some aspects of this world, which has become my present and horizon. The painting, drawing, my teachers, my students.
-Ariel Gulluni

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