Woman Paintings By Argentinian Artist- "Fabian Perez"

Hello friends! Hope you are having a great time browsing this blog. Well! You already had a glimpse of male paintings made by Fabian, this time I have come up with his Female Paintings J


Fabian Perez grew up in Argentina. He inherited painting skills from his parents who were fond of painting and other creative skills but could never become a professional artist. Fabian from the very beginning was very fond of painting and drawing; he used to paint murals on the walls of his school on the requests of his teachers and always excelled in art classes.
A sense of sensuality, story, and romanticism can be found in his art works. He is currently residing in Beverly Hills and has travelled many places of world such as Italy, Japan etc.

He not only draws a figure or a subject but also gets into the mood of moment and the subject. His distinctive style can be interpreted with the female Painting made by him:  


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