"Lesley Harrison" An American Animal Painter

Lesley Harrison is an American Animal Painter whose paintings touch the heart of every audience. She is a very popular wildlife artist who beautifully portrays the emotions and feelings of animal.
She says-“I was born loving animals and it seems to be in my blood”. She still remembers that day when she was taken to the headmaster’s room in school as she was drawing animal sketches in her class room instead of paying attention to the class teacher. She started to draw in second grade and she still recollects the day when she picked up the pastels for coloring and fell in love with it for the first time. It was love at first sight for her. She had tried various mediums too but she found pastels to be the best. In 1983 she was selling enough paintings of her to quit her day job.

She works on locations with reference photographs. She is also a member of the Pastels Society of America and has received a number of professional honors for her outstanding work.

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