Bulgarian Impressionist Painter –“Ignat Ignatov” (1978)

Ignat Ignatov is an emerging artist with a unique sense of fine arts and was born in Veliko Tarnovo and grew up in Bulgaria. At thirteen years of age, his tremendous artistic talent gained him one of the 30 positions in the famous School of Arts in Tryavna, Bulgeria. Following graduation in 1996, he was admitted to the University of Arts in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, where he studied fine arts. In 1997, he financed his move to the USA from the sale proceeds of his art works. Currently he lives in Southern California and staying as a U.S Citizen.  In 2005 he began to teach painting at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art.
His paintings depict subjects that seem to explain the approach and his style of painting with vivacious colors, texture, emotion, light, shade, atmosphere and energy.

Examples of his paintings are:


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