7 Things To Consider Before Booking A Wedding Videographer

 Like other aspects of a wedding, videography is never a small task. You’ll want perfect footage of your big day, and booking a good wedding videographer will help ensure you capture all the moments. Thus, it will be best to list the qualities to consider while doing your research.

7 Things To Consider Before Booking A Wedding Videographer

Selecting the best team to help you cover your best moments can be overwhelming. To start, you may refer online to give you an idea of the best qualities to look for in a team. For instance, you can check out Vancouver wedding videographer or any other studio in your area to see their outputs and learn more about their work.

Remember to look for a videographer who strives to create beautiful and romantic videos or a stunning photo album for you to keep. In that regard, here are things to consider before picking a wedding videographer:

  1. Portfolio

Checking out a wedding videographer’s portfolio before hiring them is essential. Of course, it’s a given that they’re good at marketing themselves, but checking work outputs matters, too. With this, you can tell if they can perform to your satisfaction or if they only sweet-talked you into getting their services.

Most videographers have previous clips of their work posted on their website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other pages. Besides, a portfolio will help you pick the type of videos you’ll want to be covered and how they should be.

  1. Communication Skills 

We all know how a videographer’s schedule can be so tight, as they can be shooting in various locations on the same day. Hence, it’s best to confirm if they can cover your event from start to finish. This is one crucial thing to consider because you wouldn't want any missed memory of your special day.

Go with a videographer who communicates well on their availability and when they’ll come and go. Ensure your wedding videographer is on top of his game and can capture the unforgettable memories of the wedding through video clips.

  1. Certification And Awards

Just like picking the best photographer, certificates and awards also apply when looking for the best videographer. It’s vital to know if they have any certification to prove their ability to be successful at work. Choose one often recognized for producing high-quality videos and with a significant client base accumulated over the years.

  1. Package Inclusion 

Understanding their package inclusion means knowing where your budget can take you and what type of video you’re looking for in a wedding videographer. Wedding videographers often have several packages you can choose from, ranging from budget-friendly to extravagant ones. Take note of overtime charges, attending rehearsal dinner packages, and whole ceremony packages, too.

Weddings often cost a fortune, so ensure you discuss with your videographer what your budget covers. 

  1. Experience 

Experience is one of the essential considerations when booking a wedding videographer. You need to check their past videos to know how skilled and experienced they are. Look at their reviews and see how their former clients rave about their work. If you see plenty of bad reviews, consider those as red flags.

Experience sometimes also goes with the years they’ve been in business. It is believed that someone with many years in the industry has the best experience compared to one who’s only starting in the field.

7 Things To Consider Before Booking A Wedding Videographer

  1. Style 

When looking for the best videographer for your wedding, it's best to know which style your videos should look. No wedding should have the same video style even though the same videographer took the shots. 

Capturing every beautiful moment is easy, but combining them to create a unique story can be difficult. This is where a videographer's magic comes as each clip is fitted like jigsaw puzzles. Styles can range from documentary to storytelling to episodes and many more.

  1. Team Collaboration

Ideally, you will want to build your dream team for your wedding. Thus, your videographer should fit in with other wedding vendors and everybody else that plays a crucial part in the occasion. Your videographer should be well connected to make everything run smoothly and more straightforward.

You can visit their reviews to see if they’ve worked well with others. Moreover, remember that people working together often produce the best outcome.


The role of videos on your wedding day shouldn’t be ignored. Wedding videos are essential as they offer flashbacks to the toasts, tears, and laughter of the people who graciously attended the event. Furthermore, they highlight the wedding march and the moment the bride and groom say ‘I do.’