Can You Decorate on a Tight Budget?

Can You Decorate on a Tight Budget?

Credit: George Milton via Pexels

You want to decorate your home, but you don’t exactly have a big budget to work with. Is it possible to fill your place with gorgeous home décor while living on a tight budget? Yes! Here’s how. 

Rethink Wall Art

Wall art doesn’t have to be expensive paintings. Do you have a collection of postcards that friends have sent you on their travels? Do you have adorable crayon drawings from nieces and nephews? Do you have treasured hand-scrawled recipes from your grandmother? Put them in frames and hang them on your wall!

These are some more options that you can try:

  • Print out your favorite pictures that you have on your Instagram account.
  • Make copies of your favorite childhood photos. Just ask your parents if you can look through some of their photo albums — they’ll love that!
  • Make origami garlands. 
  • Get affordable prints from local art fairs and online marketplaces.

Make an Accent Wall

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls can revamp your space. The only problem is the cost. Getting enough paint to tackle every corner of your home will push the boundaries of your budget. 

A simple solution is to think smaller. Make an accent wall with a bold pop of color in your plain, white rooms. Tackling one wall instead of four will require a lot less paint and a lot less spending. 

If you don’t want to use paint, you could make wallpaper or washi tape accent walls. It’s up to you! Follow the technique that suits your personal style. 

Use Your Shelves 

One easy way you can decorate your home is to reorganize your bookshelves. Pull out your books and organize them into piles based on the color of their cover. Add these color categories back onto the shelves, making neat rows. There — now you have a gorgeous rainbow bookshelf display that will make any guest want to curl up with a good book. 

Go Thrift Shopping

You can find lots of home décor treasures at the thrift store. They’ll have plenty of flower vases, candle holders, picture frames, glassware, hand mirrors and ceramics that you can buy for cheap. And when the weather is warm, look around your neighborhood for garage sales and yard sales. Your neighbors could have some exquisite taste.

Why You Should Never Go Overbudget

It’s not worth it to spend too much on pricy artwork and trendy décor. It’s unnecessary and financially risky. You could accidentally drain your checking account and use up funds that you need for monthly essentials like groceries and bills. You could overdraft your account and get hit with NSF fees. At the very least, you could leave yourself no money to deal with emergency expenses that show up before your next paycheck comes in.

If you make this mistake, and you’re unlucky enough to get an emergency expense, like a car repair or plumbing repair, you could turn to an online loan for help. Go to a website like CreditFresh to learn more about same business day loans. With all of the qualifications, you can apply. You just might get approved.

You should only use online loans to help you with emergencies. They’re not meant for non-essential purchases — like some new throw pillows or a brand-new portrait to hang over your mantle. 

Remember, you can improve your home décor without hurting your budget.