How Red Light Therapy Can Help You Get Firmer Skin

You may quite rightly be thinking how exactly a technology that was initially developed for Nasa helps you with your skin woes while at the same time promoting anti-aging benefits? Well, to put it simply, the answer can really surprise you and cause you to rethink about getting that botox from a plastic surgeon. 

We are not at all talking about some harsh peels made from chemicals and nor are we talking about laser scalpels. Rather, what we wish to bring to your attention here is a non-invasive procedure that is known as Red Light Therapy. 

How Red Light Therapy Can Help You Get Firmer Skin

The Power of Light
All of us are aware that we, as humans, need light for us to be able to be healthy and to thrive. 
We are also aware of the fact that when your skin gets exposed to natural light, it has the ability to absorb Vitamin D. This is a very important and critical nutrient that has the ability to prevent bone loss, particular types of cancer, and also heart diseases, Natural light also has the ability to ward off depression that is of the seasonal variety among a whole host of other benefits as well. 

There however is the fact that natural light also really has the ability to cause a lot of damage to the health of a person. This can include ailments such as skin damage and also skin cancer. 

Light therapy, however, on the other hand, does not come with any health risks. The therapy model has been approved by the FDA and it is easily one of the most effective ways to tighten up skin that is loose. It also creates a natural glow in the user that is highly desirable. 

Red Light Therapy: What is it?

In its very basic form, RLT works by exposing the tissues of the body to red or sometimes near-infrared light that is of wavelengths that are therapeutic in nature. This is achieved by making use of lasers that are low-level or also by making use of red LED lights. 

These types of lights are not very similar to natural light and it is definitely a bit different. As we have mentioned previously, the light from the Sun has the potential to cause damage to the DNA of the cells. On the other hand, light that is emitted from the light therapy devices does not cause any damage to the skin. It really is one of the safest ways in which to gain a whole host of health benefits without having to worry about any potential side effects. 

A lot of other names are also used to describe this type of therapy and they are as follows:
Low-power laser therapy (LPLT)
Low-level laser therapy (LLLT)
Photobiomodulation (PBM)
Biostimulation (BIOS)
Soft laser therapy
Photonic stimulation or light box therapy
Cold laser therapy

It really does not matter what you call it, RLT has been proven to have a very vast array of health benefits. It includes things like losing fat, healing wounds, stimulating the process of hair growth, etc. It also has the ability to increase the production of collagen in the body. This has a lot of benefits for the skin in particular. 

Red Light Therapy: How it can help with tightening the skin.

The search for younger-looking skin really does go back a long way in history. Let us now take a look at the most common treatments that are available for loose skin today and then compare it against RLT and see how the therapy model holds up. 

Chemical Peels

The way this works is by making use of acids to interact with the natural proteins of the skin. This in turn has the ability to both exfoliate the skin and also peel the skin. 

Acids that are less caustic can be made use of for the purposes of superficial peels. If you want deeper and/or medium peels, then make sure you use acids that are more abrasive. 

Everyone who undergoes this type of procedure needs some time in order to recuperate from this type of treatment. If you happened to use the more abrasive acids you can expect to have a much longer recovery period. 

Risk Factors

There are some significant risk factors that are associated with chemical peels. It also has the potential to cause side effects and other complications as well. The scariest thing is that some of these side effects have the potential to be permanent. There also happens to be a lot of studies that suggest that this type of treatment procedure makes use of carcinogenic chemicals. These chemicals have been known to cause genetic damage and many other types of health problems in the long term. 

Laser Skin Resurfacing

When a person undergoes this process, a kind of laser beam is used to remove the epidermis while at the same time, making sure to heat the underlying dermis or skin. This is done in order to encourage the growth of certain fibers, namely collagen fibers. 

One of the biggest downsides of this type of therapy is that it can take up to about three weeks to heal. This is especially true when the treatments are deeper and of the more ablative kind. 

Risk Factors

Just like any other cosmetic procedure, this type of treatment also has some risk factors involved. There have been complaints about patients experiencing burning sensations, rashes and bumps, hyperpigmentation, swelling, and also scarring. Some have even seen infections develop after the treatment. 

Red Light Therapy

Both types of treatments mentioned above pose some serious health concerns. They also come with a ton of side effects and many health risks. When you compare that with the things that Red Light Therapy can do you and how safe it really is, the safer treatment option becomes painfully obvious. 

RLT is a completely non-invasive method of therapy. There are also, very importantly, no risks or side effects associated with this type of therapy. 

The way it works is also quite simple. These devices emit red LED light into the deeper parts of the skin tissues. This in turn has the effect of stimulating the production of both elastin and collagen. This can really help to plump the skin and to also tighten the skin.