Solar Panel Cleaning: Why You Should Clean Your Panels Regularly

Author -  Ester Adams

With the growing consciousness to keep the environment healthy and conserve nonrenewable resources, solar panels have become popular staples among property owners. Solar panels can effectively reduce your carbon footprint, help you cut down energy costs, and live a more sustainable lifestyle. As its name suggests, these panels harness energy from the sunlight, thus allowing you to avoid the use of fossil fuels like natural gas and coal.

Solar Panel Cleaning: Why You Should Clean Your Panels Regularly

Image credit: All Energy HQ

With all that said, regular solar panel cleaning is important to maintain the effectiveness of your panels and ensure that you continue to reap their advantages. Similar to how you would clean your house frequently, you also want to make sure your solar panels are cleaned and maintained well to maximize their efficiency. As an excellent alternative energy source, solar panels can certainly offer a wealth of benefits if you keep them clean at all times.

Solar panel cleaning may seem like a mundane task, but doing so ensures that you get the most out of your panels. As you must follow manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning them, it is highly recommended to get professional services from time to time. Read on to understand why it is so important to clean your solar panels and maintain their effectiveness.

Enhanced Efficiency

Solar blockers like dust, leaves, and water can easily accumulate, and when this happens, your solar panels will be less efficient, possibly translating to higher energy bills. Many property owners tend to ignore these blockers due to the misconception that rainwater will clear them out. While rainwater can remove some dust build-up, it is not enough to clean your panels completely and cannot get rid of pollen or bird droppings.

Several studies and tests show that well-maintained panels have increased solar efficiency, and owners who regularly clean their solar panels observe improved performance compared to those who do not clean their panels.

Increased Durability

Dust, debris, and other similar particles may seem like minute things but when they pile and add up, they can cause wear and tear. By keeping your panels free from these, you can increase their durability and ensure that they stay effective for a longer time.

Warranty Benefits

Many solar panel manufacturers include solar panel cleaning as a condition for your warranty. Without proof that you are getting regular cleaning and maintenance, you may not be covered by the warranty and will thus have to shoulder costs for possible damages or malfunctions in your panel. No matter how good the quality of your panels may be, you always want to stay on the safe side.

Increased Returns

Solar panels do not come cheap, so they are relatively big investments. By cleaning them regularly, you can be sure to get substantial returns on our investment (ROI) through reduced energy bills. If you leave your solar panels to be ignored and unmaintained, your ROI time will decrease significantly and you will not be able to get the most use out of your panels.

With solar being the most popular type of electricity used today, it is no doubt that solar panels can add value to any property. These devices are possibly one of the best investments you can make for your home, commercial building, or any other property, but to make the most out of them, you must ensure that you clean them regularly to maintain their condition.