5 Essential Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

When it comes to house maintenance, doing it yourself (DIY) is not always the best option, and neither is it the safest. However, working on the minor repairs in your home gives you a sense of satisfaction and eventually saves you lots of cash. For you to efficiently do the maintenance work around your house, you will need the right tools.

5 Essential Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

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Whether you’re a craftsman or you’re just starting, having the right tools by your side at all times will ensure that you take good care of your home and also save yourself lots of money compared to when you’d call a contractor. To help you remain in the know, here are five essential tools every homeowner must have:  


A hammer is the bare minimum tool requirement that every house should have. It can be used both for nailing and tearing down small objects. Most of them are lightweight, making it easy for you to haul them around and are ideal for most home fixes.


You’d be surprised at the number of things in your home that are attached with screws. They are used to hold together furniture, cabinet doors, doorknobs, and many other parts of the house. 
Moreover, these items might get damaged from time to time, or the screws loosen out. To fix that, you’ll need a screwdriver making it a must-have tool for all homeowners. You can find various types of screwdrivers from reputable stores such as Better Hardwarewhere you can be advised on the best type to pick from, depending on your needs.


In most cases, when you are doing a DIY job, you may need to grasp onto something to either pull or turn it. Some of these things may be too hard to pull or turn using your bare fingers, hence the need for a pair of pliers. This tool has metal teeth on each ends to grip onto an object. 
They’re also made with long handles on each end to give you leverage as you bend, twist, or pull. There are many things you can do with pliers, including removing plumbing fixtures, pulling out nails, loosening nuts, straightening bent plugs, and many more.

Tape measure

Accurate measures are a necessity for DIY jobs. You need to take the right measurement before making any major adjustments to something. You will need it when cutting wood in the right measurement, checking the correct size of pipes, and knowing exactly where to hang pictures in the house to give a central feel. 


Once you’ve got your comprehensive collection of tools, you will need a safe storage space for them. This is where the need for a toolbox comes in. A well-organized toolbox will help you get all your tools whenever you need them, instead of spending hours trying to remember where you’d placed them. 

Moreover, storing your tools in a toolbox prevents them from getting damaged between uses. Most importantly, the majority of DIY tools are quite dangerous to be lying about in the open. This is a hazard, especially with children around. A toolbox will help prevent any accidents from occurring.
Many other essential tools would make your living more comfortable and convenient. However, these five are the most commonly used tools. Besides, these tools come are quite affordable, and one can always find them at discounted prices from trusted stores such as Better Hardware.