10 Small Kitchen Ideas

Designing small kitchens to be practical and aesthetically pleasing can be a challenge. However, it doesn’t need to be a problem. There are creative ideas you can incorporate in your design, and come up with a kitchen that gives you a healthy balance of practicality and aesthetics. To help you out, here are 10 small kitchen ideas to try out.

10 Small Kitchen Ideas

Image credit: Pexels

1.    Make use of pull-out faucets
Pull-out faucets are amazing. They enable you to save on much-needed space. Most of them are also very pleasing to the eye. Check out https://kitchenfaucets.reviews/best-pull-out-fixtures/ for the different brands you can use in your small kitchen.

2.    Use a small kitchen table
Kitchen tables are not a necessity, especially if your kitchen is not big enough. However, if you must have one, go for a nicely designed small table. For best results, go for a custom made one, for it to fit best in your kitchen.

3.     Build a wall shelf
In a small kitchen, you need to minimize the amount of stuff lying around. This makes it easy to navigate around. It also makes it aesthetically pleasing. A wall shelf can help you achieve this, since it gives you a place to store most of your kitchen appliances.

4.    Install bigger windows
In a small kitchen, lighting can make all the difference between a terrible looking clustered place, and a look that is pleasing to the eye. To improve the appeal of your small kitchen, have a large window that allows inasmuch natural light as possible.

5.    Use movable kitchen islands
To properly utilize space in a small kitchen, make use of movable kitchen islands. This allows you to take it out of the room once you are through with preparing your meals. It’s one of the most practical things to have in a small kitchen.

6.    Get a baker’s rack
This is one of the best items to have in a small kitchen. It is compact enough to fit in your small kitchen, and also allows you to store all your kitchen stuff in a single place. Besides, they come in different designs, so you can always find one that meets your needs.

7.    Paint your kitchen in bright colors
One of your goals, if you have a small kitchen, should be to make it appear bigger. This makes it more appealing.  That’s why you should make use of bright colors. Bright colors usually create the illusion that space is bigger than it actually is.

8.    Get rid of things you don’t need
We all have items we think we need, but in reality, don’t need them. To have a practical and neat looking kitchen, make a list of all the things you need and don’t need. Get rid of everything you don’t need, and you will have a nice looking, and practical kitchen.

9.    Hang cooking pans and pots on the wall
If your kitchen is not big, make creative use of your walls, by hanging your pans. To maintain aesthetic appeal, hang them in an orderly manner, with enough space between them.

10.    Go for small kitchen appliances
When looking for appliances for your small kitchen, go for small ones. There are lots of nice looking, and practical appliances that can fit in a small kitchen, and leave enough space to move around.