Five Reasons of Pollution - How to Stop It?

Nowadays Pollution has become a severe problem and it results in various health-related issues too. It has now become the matter of concern, which needed to be solved out very quickly. Even, it is considering as the main issue among the people where it causes many problems across the city.

Five Reasons of Pollution - How to Stop It?

Pollution not only causing various health-related problems alone but it also had played a very crucial role in the disbalance of our ecosystem also. The level of the corruption on earth has been increasing rapidly over the last two decades due to the increase in the number of various human activities like smoke emitting from the different industries, combustion of fossil fuels, smoking, use of chemical fertilizers, and use of pesticides and weedicides.

You should avoid the underlying causes of the pollution to keep our planet green forever. You should stop the uses of various harmful chemicals so that to ensure the greenery of our planet. The chainsmokers can also contribute to them by quitting the habit with the use of tobacco vape juice too. Hopefully, it will be helpful for the smokers for all the time in terms of stopping the habit.

Five reasons of the population and how to stop them

·       1) Smoke emitting from the various industries: Industrialization has played a very vital role in the disbalance of our ecosystem. It has raised the level of pollution to a very great extent. Smoke emitting from the various industries. Smoke emanating from these factories includes the unusually high amount of organic compounds, chemicals, particulate matter and carbon dioxide which results in different health-related severe problems.

o   The solution to the problem: One of the major solutions to this problem is to reduce the use of such factories which emits more amounts of harmful products. Moreover, planting more trees also helps a lot in reducing the ill effects up to some extent.

·      2) Combustion of fossil fuels: Combustion of fossil fuels also results in the release of various harmful gases in the atmosphere such as; carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and much more.

o   Solution to the problem: Use another source of energy instead of fossil fuels such as solar energy, CNG, etc.

·       3) Cigarette Smoking: Smoking also plays a significant role in increasing the amount of pollution on earth. The smoke emitting from the cigarettes or various other smoking sources not only causes infection but it also creates multiple health-related severe problems too such as lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, mouth cancer and much more.

o   The solution to the problem: The chain smokers can go for the option of tobacco vape juice instead of smoking cigarettes to prevent pollution and various health-related diseases also.

·       4) Use of chemical fertilizers: Fertilizers are being used by most of the farmers to increase the yield of their crops. The continuous use of these fertilizers gets mixed with soil and water and makes them sterile and harmful to use respectively.

o   The solution to the problem: You can go for the use of organic manure instead of fertilizers. Manure not only helps in enriching the soil with useful elements but it also enhances the humus of the earth and hence helps in increasing the productivity.

·       5) Use of pesticides and weedicides: Unlimited use of pesticides and weedicides also may result in causing different types of pollutions also. Pesticides and weedicides do not only cause harm to the related things just but also reasons to the person who is consuming the same crop.

o   Solution to the problem: Instead of using these harmful chemicals you can go for the option of manually removing them. 

Harmful effects of pollution
       Imbalance in earth’s ecosystem
       Adverse health problems
       Depletion of ozone layer
       Acid rain

Ways for preventing pollution
       Reduced use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and weedicides, etc
       Usage of non-polluting sources of energy
       Providing proper services of your industries and vehicles on regular basis
       Avoiding activities causing pollution

Pollution has become the primary concern in today’s life. It is not only the reason of various imbalances in earth’s ecosystem but also is a reason for multiple health-related diseases also. It has now become essential to stop the use of substances causing pollution. The best option of getting rid of these sources of infection is to go for an alternate of these sources such as solar energy, tobacco vape juice, removing weeds manually and the use of manures, etc which causes less or no pollution.