Nail Art Tools and Tricks To Use Them

Nail art is getting popular day by day. Many creative minds are now opting for nail art as a career. After all, becoming nail art specialist requires a lot of creative thinking and some good knowledge about using colors in a relevant portion. Many people think that nail art is a child’s game but it is not so. If you don’t apply good colors, designs and styles then you nail art can turn into a nightmare.
Nail Art Tools and Tricks To Use Them

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For any nail artist, nail is a canvas which she/he have to fill with life with vibrant colors and designs. Right nail art tools are the prerequisite for becoming a nail art expert. If you opt for wrong nail art tools than nothing could be worse than that. Your nail art would become a down turner that will not only annoy you but also others who see your nails.
Keeping this in mind, today we are sharing some easy brush and nail art tools that will create a good nail art masterpiece.
Use proper brushes:
You can use brushes like angled French brush, striper brush, fan brushes, detailed brushes to groom your nails and add perfection to your nail art. For example a fan brush gives a wispy feathered look to your nails.

Nail Art Brushes

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For rough, fading effect and stone type style opt for sponges. These are very easily available in a nearby market and can also be purchased via online shopping. Sponges give very beautiful color blending effect.
Nail Sponges

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Tools for dotting:
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Dotting is one the most used design and pattern in a nail art design. You can create dots of nail polish on already applied nail shade on your nails to give some unique and stylish look to your nails. You can use a monochrome color or multi-color to create the desired dotted look in the nail art. Designs could be of eyes, polka designs etc.
Tools for dotting

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Tweezer Tool:
If you love adding stones and other stuff to your nails then tweezers are a must have. With the help of these tweezers you can add a great chic style to your nail art. If you want to become a nail art expert then you cannot afford to miss tweezers in your nail art tools.

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Nail art pens and strippers:
Nail art pens are a must have when it comes to nail art. If you want add stripes and some designs then nail art pen shows you the trick. You can add multiple designs, styles and patterns using these nail art pens and strippers. 

Nail art pens and strippers

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Striping tape:
It’s a must have in your nail art kit. These striping tape serves many purposes that ranges from making different designs and patterns with multiple nail polish shades.

Striping tape

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Cuticle nipper:
Many times, cuticle is the main hurdle in making a desired nail art. We can’t just tear them apart or pull them so easily as this may lead to an infection. So, we need a tool that helps in this purpose of removing cuticles and cuticle nipper is the solution to this problem.

Cuticle nipper

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So, friends, nail art needs creativity and some handy tools that make your nail art easier and fun. Go and grab these nail art tools and try your creative mind in nail art.