New Life of Old Furniture: 5 Design Master Classes

If you love handmade and the furniture in your house needs updating, this material is especially for you. We asked the best designers and decorators to show how quickly and easily you can upgrade your house. You will be surprised at how much you need: only your great desire, a minimum of materials and a few skills!

New Life of Old Furniture: 5 Design Master Classes

Author's Decoupage

Renovation of the furniture facade with the help of decoupage techniques is one of the favorite techniques of contemporary decorators. What do you need? A photo or picture printed on a color inkjet printer, special glue, paint tape, hair dryer and brushes.

What to do? Put the printed image on the front side of the furniture facade, thickly lubricate the glue, smooth it with a roller and dry with the hair dryer. Let it dry for a while, then moisten it with water and remove the paper. The resulting image is fixed with a varnish. Voila, the new furniture facade is ready. Absolutely nothing complicated but the result looks like a million dollars!

Furniture Painting

To give the old furniture a new creative look you can not only fix it but also paint it. Even if you are not an artist, there is a simple way to create a real masterpiece on the furniture facade. Interior items, decorated in this way, look at the same time stylishly, elegantly and simply. This combination is very much appreciated by modern designers. Painted furniture perfectly fits into any room: whether it's a bedroom, living room, children's room or even a bath!

What to do? Blot out the surface, find the drawing you like, and transfer it to the facade with the help of colored paints. It turns out unusual and stylish! When choosing a pattern, try to find those that are made in the technique of cross-stitching. Such patterns are used today in high fashion and they can become an outstanding decoration for your home.

New Life of Old Furniture: 5 Design Master Classes

Lacing in the industrial style

Another unusual way to update furniture is to create a decorative pattern with the help of nails and ropes. Such a modernization will look spectacular in a loft-style interior or a brutal male room. But if desired, such decor elements can be integrated into any interior. The main thing is to create a suitable shape and color scheme for the picture.

What to do? Hammer nails along the perimeter of the selected image, drawn in advance on the furniture, and consistently connect them with a harness. It turns out very unusual, and you will need a minimum of effort and a minimum of materials.

Soft seat

Upholstery is the most common way of decorating furniture. It is used and perfected for centuries. But we offer another unusual way of renovation. To create a charming soft pouf, you will need a rigid cellular base and woolen threads. This can be a mesh, a metal urn, or simply a drawn wire.

What to do?  Plan on drawing on the basis and start "embroidery" - almost like on a fabric but on a furniture facade. You can decorate the whole composition with homemade pompons, planted with glue or something else. Do not be afraid to use your imagination to the fullest!

Pipe Decor

If you do not have time and desire to paint and tinker with old furniture, you can simply decorate it. The remaining materials from the repair, in particular - sanitary pipes, will come to the rescue.

What to do? We propose to make of them an unusual decoration, sawing them to pieces, assembling the construction with the help of screws and decorating it.
Such a design can be inscribed in the interior as a separate element; Cover with a glass and get a coffee table; Use as a table or decorate a furniture facade with them, using as niches to store trifles.

All the ideas that we have selected for you are extremely simple. You do not need to have any special skills or expensive materials to implement them. 

We hope that we managed to inspire you to update your interior. Come up, create and have fun with it.

Have a nice experiment!