10 Cool Prop Ideas For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

We love using props in photoshoots. They add an element of fun, make the photoshoot unique and even ease the nervousness a couple might feel while posing. When it comes to props, there is a world of choice out there. You can use inexpensive items like bubbles, confetti or go all out and use a vintage car. Since items like umbrellas, floral tiaras and colour bombs have been done to death, we’ve put together a list of new props that’ll make your pre wedding shoot stand out from the crowd.

  • 1.      Paints

Picture Credit: Shreya Sen Photography

Unlimited fun guaranteed. All you need is paint bottles in a couple of colours, brushes and white clothes to make the colours really stand out. What you’ll end up with is some stunning photos and even better memories.

  • 2.      Books

Picture Credit: Chhibber Studio

If both of you love reading a good book, then that can be used in your photo shoot. This will ensure your shoot is personalized and tailor-made just for you. One shot that a lot of couple recreate is the stolen kiss behind a book.

  • 3.      Foil Balloons

Picture Credit: The Film Maker

Foil balloons in gold and silver are a great way to make your pictures super special. You can get numbered ones for your wedding date or letters that spell out the word Love.

  • 4.      Light Letters

Picture Credit: Tiree Dawson Photography

Use marquee lights for that dreamy touch in your clicks. You can get letters with your initials or even your wedding hashtag ! These are a great new alternative to the now common chalkboard signs and photobooth signs.

  • 5.      Sports equipment

Does your main man love football? Then why not get some customized jerseys, footballs and give him a surprise ? Yes, a sports themed photo shoot. You don’t have to think of poses, just enjoy the game and leave the rest to your wedding photographer. Some other options can be – a shoot at a tennis court with tennis racquets, a net and some tennis balls or even a gully cricket one with some stumps and a cricket bat-ball.

Picture Credit: Sriram Raghu Photography

  • 6.      Boat

Picture Credit: Priyanka Modh’s Photography

Let’s be honest, we’ve seen a lot of shoots with cars, autos and rickshaws. But one on a boat ? That’s something else. If you want your pictures to reflect your love story, this is exactly the kind of shoot you need to do. Great weather, calm waters and your partner by your side. *Sigh*

  • 7.      Cooking  supplies

Picture Credit: Rajesh Luthra Productions

Is one of you a foodie? Or works in the food industry? You could do a baking themed shoot and make a batch of chocolate cupcakes (like having your cake with couple bobblehead dolls as decor and eating it too eh?). Or maybe one in your own kitchen while making lunch together.

  • 8.      Bath Tub

This is such a cool idea. If you’re not the kind of person who likes getting clicked in outdoor public places, this one’s for you ! Book your favourite resort / hotel for the shoot and enjoy a spa session later.

Picture Credit: Dipak Studios

  • 9.      Camp Fire

Picture Credit: Filmy Shaadi

A cozy tent, camp fire and a sky full of twinkling stars make for the most magical props. The only thing that could make it better is a warm blanket and some snuggles.

  • 10.  Water

Picture Credit: Flgroe Studios

When using water as your prop, the possibilities are endless. You could do an underwater shoot, one by the pool filled with colourful pool floats and toys or even one in the rain. 

Credits to these creative ideas of pre-wedding shoots goes to the creative wedding photographers listed with Wedmegood.com. If you haven’t yet planned your pre-wedding shoot, you can search the best wedding photographers in Mumbai, Delhi or any of your wedding cities on their site and finalize the best for you. And, don’t forget to take these candid wedding shots.

Happy Wedding!


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