Creative Nail Art Designs: Being an Artist Is Easy

Who said that the art has to be about something traditional? Come on, the 21st century is the best time for some fun inventions! Sure, no one will ever forget about great Van Gough masterpieces, but nowadays the variety of art-platforms is simply unbelievable!

Humankind came up with hundreds of alternative ways of self-expression. Fun colors, forms, and lines moved from a canvas to… nails.

Yes, nail decor can be fully considered as a modern artistry.  Besides, it’s a perfect beauty treatment after a long working week. I mean, what can be better than freshly painted sparkly nails? Every design is unique: simple French manicure, floral motives, glittery edges and even accurate replicas of world’s most well-known pictures! Here are the main reasons why people love nail art so much:

  • ·         The affordability. Nail artistry is actually way cheaper than traditional painting because you don’t have to buy hundreds of brushes, palettes, solvents, boxes and other expensive stuff. All you need is a couple of colors, acetone and, of course, your imagination. There are a lot of drugstore products that will help a new-born passionate artist to master this craft.
  • ·         The easiness. Do you know how many years it takes to become a classic academic artist? Yeah, definitely not one or two. Obtaining a master degree in art requires a lot of nerves, hard work, and constant practice. But if you are a free spirit, a student or a busy person, you certainly want to try something less time-consuming. Luckily, there are some courses that’ll help you improve the nail art. For one thing, such a school will not take 10 years of your life. You can do it in your spare time, being relaxed and serene.
  • ·         The attractiveness. Males actually like this type of art, unless you have bizzare 9-inch nails with 3-D butterflies. If you want to show some skills, try to impress your beloved person with newly-mastered skills on Yes Dates. He will definitely show some appreciation, because everyone loves to talk to a person, passionate about something.
  • ·         The profit is real. Do you know that nail artists earn good money? Hey, it’s a great option, because you can work at home not having a Ph.D. and still be successful. This service is extremely popular nowadays, so more and more clients come for a little make-over. If you do it better, you improve the quality of next nail art. As practice makes perfect, you will make a perfect profit from the business that brings you joy. You can be a loving mother, an office-worker and still save some time for your money-making hobby.
  • ·         It is extremely popular. You must have seen thousands of nail-art ideas on Instagram. They are incredibly popular and a lot of them are actually easy to recreate. More and more YouTube channels provide ladies with various tutorials on how to mix colors, prolong your art’s wear, invent your unique style and enjoy the final result. One of the most famous channels Simply Nailogical has over 3,5 million subscribers. A young woman explains to beginners how to use nail vinyl to get a simple, yet extremely artistic d├ęcor in no time. 
Image credit: Pinterest

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