Works On Paper By Indian Artist "Arpita Singh"

Arpita Singh is a well-known Indian artist who was born in West Bengal. Currently she is residing in Nizamuddin East, New Delhi. She has done her art training from the School of Art, Delhi Polytechnic in New Delhi from 1954 to 1959. She has worked with the Indian Government’s Cottage Industries Restoration Program and while working in this program she got in touch with many traditional weavers and artists from all over the Country which had a huge impact on her art work.

Earlier she used to work with mainly black and white abstracts but later from 1980 onwards, she begins painting with oil colors and started painting Bengali Folk paintings. Most of her paintings have woman as a subject that depicts various problems and vulnerability faced by a woman in India in general. She has had many art exhibitions in India as well as in many other countries.