Apr 20, 2016

Jean-Hilaire Belloc - A French Painter (1786-1866)

Jean Hilaire Belloc was born on 27 November 1786 and was a French Painter. In the starting of his career as an artist he was a student in the studio of Antoine Gros and later he became the student of Jean-Baptise Regnault. He worked as a professor of drawing at the I’Ecole-de-Medecine.

In 1821 he got married to Lousie Swanton. 
His works include “The Flight into Egypt, 1812”, “Death of Gaul, Friend of Ossian, 1810” etc.

References: Wikipedia

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  1. I'm sorry, but I think that the first picture is NOT a portrait of JH Belloc. It is the portrait of a man called Jean-Paul Douliot (1788-1834), from Avignon, France. The portrait could be a work by JH Belloc, but it is not signed. See: http://compagnonnage.info/blog/blogs/blog1.php/2013/07/15/restauration-portrait-douliot
    This was confirmed to me by one of JHB's descendants, Mr Jebb. There is a photograph of JH Belloc in his old age, by Bayard and Bentall, in Wikipedia : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Hilaire_Belloc#/media/File:Jean_Hilaire_Belloc_-_Peintre_fran%C3%A7ais.gif


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