Wall Decoration Ideas That Can Add Artistic Touch To Your Room

When we talk about decoration of our home we mostly think about the wall color, furniture design and pattern but what we neglect the most is the walls of the room.

"Rollomeister" / homify
Well! Walls are something that speaks a lot about the owner of the house, his/her way of living and how much the owner takes care of the beauty of their room especially the wall.
Many times we feel so lazy or because of our “no care for wall” attitude we leave our room’s wall bare which is not at all a good idea. For many, decorating the wall of room is all about hanging paintings and other art stuffs but these wall decoration ideas are not end in themselves. 

There are many more things that contribute a lot to wall decoration like using nice wall hangings, giving artistic touch to walls by adding some designs on the wall itself. What we require is some touch of imagination and a lot of creativity.  All this imagination and creativity add new life, style and beauty to your walls and ultimately to your room.

Add a patterned wall paper to your living room:
"Louis De Poortere" / homify

Adding a stylized patterned wall paper to your living room adds a more lively appeal to it. The wall paper pattern should match and go well with the furniture, flooring and other wall hangings and lamps etc.

Add artistic appeal to the walls of your bedroom:

"Violet and George" / homify

"Tactile Wonderland" / homify

"Arlette Beerenfenger" / homify

"The Creative Decorator" / homify

Generally bedrooms are not that large, so if we crowd the walls with wall hangings, paintings the bedroom’s already small space would be eaten out. Thus it’s best to decorate walls of your bedroom with beautiful artistic designs on the one wall of your room, leaving the other remaining three walls in light color so that the room looks big and decorated too. Such amazing home decorating tips can be taken from Homify as well, which has great variety of amazing house decorating ideas.
Here are some of the designs that will surely add artistic and style up the room with abstracts and bold strokes to the walls of your bedroom:

Beautifying the dining area look:

"Anna Hansson Design Limited" / homify

When we talk about dining area, we all know that most of the space room is taken up by drawers and cabinets so we left with very little innovation ideas that can beautify the dining room. We can opt to color one wall in single shade and other three walls all in the same shade. For example one wall can be painted in lime green and other three can be painted in white. This will chaz up your living room.

Hope you like these tips to decorate your home walls; in case you have any other tips then do not forget to share :)