July 13, 2015

Wonderful Art Works By Elias Tofaneli


I am Brazilian is  born within the state of Paraná, my mother is Italian immigrant's daughter, since childhood I have liked to draw, for living in small town I had no contact with artist and this made it very difficult for me. I started painting small screens, it was very difficult as painting alone without guidance of a teacher.

I started searching the Internet through magazines, my paintings began to improve enough I devoted every second of my life to art, and did not measure sacrifices.
At 19 years old I moved to a larger city near São Paulo Capital, was then I met great artists spent hours watching paint they asked questions, I made friends with some of them and they helped me a lot, despite guidelines and tips I've never done lessons with them, but were key people in my learning.
Today the art is part of my life, every work Perfect anymore.

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  1. This is so beautiful! ♥

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