Paintings by French Artist Agnès Amann

Agnes creates original works of art in which her imagination flourishes in a great number of beings and uncommon situations. Women from the Middle-Ages or the Renaissance can be accompanied by winged creatures or by an extraordinary bestiary and that is why Agnes defines herself as a “naturalist of imagination”.  
According to her, creation is a ritual which is not influenced by time. The ancient music that she listens to, let her escape from reality and carry this artist to her dreamlike world.

There begins preparation of the wood and the “marouflage” of various elements which are symbolically valuable for her.

Although the stuck elements will be coarse, the work that will follow will be refined and precious. Crushing pigments, sticking metal sheets, giving birth to colors thanks to a long and slow glazing work : such stages combine technical beauty and the pleasure of creation.

Her mischievous awareness makes out, from real life, strange or fabulous sparkles which feed her imagination or revive memories of her childhood.

All this makes her optimistic. Don’t look for darkness nor fury in her paintings… This painter is steadfastly happy.

Why Ymaginiaire ? Ymaginiaire mixes the words “Ymagière” and “imaginaire” (imaginary). An “ymagière” (or “imagière”) was during the Middle-Ages, a woman who created and painted pictures.