25 Paintings By Sergio Cerchi

Florentine painter, Sergio Cerchi, works in what could be called quadrant-ism, a unique style whereby the actual pictorial surface – rather than objects depicted – is fractured, multiplying and rendered with different lighting and coloring. Most of Cerchi’s paintings are rendered in different shades of a dominant hue, though it may become bolder or softer depending on the movement and angle of the fragment it appears on. Thus, while people, objects and animals figure in a flattened hyperrealist aesthetic that marks references to popular culture and art history, their images are peeling, shifting and floating. 

By presenting us with characters in an object world that is never quite settled – or rather, constantly discovered in a process of resettlement – Cerchi explores the subtleties of time and color, of shading and layering. No shape is final, no perspective absolute, no color completely explored and exhausted. His iconic subjects, then, take on mysterious edges that completely faithful realism could never define. For every choice Cerchi makes, he reveals myriad possibilities.