Delhi The capital of India is a classic blend of multi linguistic people from around the world. The city is a majestic symbol of multiple events of historic importance. It has copious diversity that has captivated the interests of students around the world. Studying at Delhi is an experience worth a chance, for one will surely love this place. The city has a rich atmosphere of Hindi all over, English is also an accepted and much used language here.
Delhi has been the pivot in education sector for years now. 

Educational institutions here have swept the top ranks across the has proudly assisted people in hunting best colleges based on their preferences. has helped them get into their dream destination, Delhi with ease. Exploring the vast options available in Delhi has now narrowed down to your pockets. This article will tell you why chose Delhi for your MBA?  

·       Why MBA in Delhi?
The increasing number of B-schools in and around the city is a clear indication of encouraging responses each year.
 *Popular and reputed colleges such as the IGNOU (INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY) and DU (DelhiUniversity) are situated in this area and offer world class MBA programs for graduates.These colleges have taken the top ranks in preferences , given by good websites websites.
* The city is an industrial hub and companies based on various backgrounds are spread out around the city offering seamless opportunities for graduates and interns.

·       Why Delhi
o   Your stay
Accommodation facilities a city can offer is a main criterion to attract large crowds of students.
*  Colleges such as Delhi University (DU),Facultyof management science (FMS),Amity University have been providing facilities to live within the campus and have brought closer many facilities to these students.
*  Paying guests,offering single or double room with are partner are the mostly preferred by people choosing to live outside campus. PG s must provide you with proper Laundry services, doctors, security, power back up and room service to have a hassle free stay throughout your educating years. North Delhi offers the cheapest while central Delhi the expensive accommodations facilities ranging from Rs2000 to Rs 7000. Noida is the upcoming educational destination and accommodation facilities are available in the same range in this area too.
*  One could also look out for a bunch of students who can rent a flat.

o   Moving around the city
The mode of transport one prefers is based on distance. Delhi is well connected by roads and Metro lanes.
*  The most popular Delhi NCR metro services has been extended to most important places in the city and is a comfortable mode to commute.
*  NCR bus services cover almost every nook and corner of the city and are affordable for regular travel.

o   What you will pay:

 Delhi is an affordable place to live compared to other metro cities in India. The place can serve Food in silver platter as well as in Matkas. The city offers affordable transportation and food services. So for all the hearts that are longing to explore the city, Delhi welcomes you.

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