October 6, 2014

The Taste Of Fashion By Fulvio Bonavia

                                              The Taste Of Fashion By Fulvio Bonavia
The Taste Of Fashion By Fulvio Bonavia
Hi everyone! How are you all?
Have you ever wondered what would be the case if you mix art with fashion?
It seems interesting na? It is indeed! As a beauty, fashion, art and design lover I always keep on surfing the internet to gain some inspirations for all of you and share on this blog, be it related to fine arts, designing, fashion, photography and beauty etc. Life is beautiful and full of arts and fashion is also an integral part of art and artist life.  
Well! Now coming to today’s post I must say that I am sure that you will love this very unique and wonderful fashion in art style of Fulvio Bonavia who is an award winning Italian photographer. This photographer from Italy beautifully blends fashion with photography and artistic skills. This skill of artist shows the love for food. Have a look at the series of style accessories made by daily food items, fruits and vegetables etc. I am sure you are going to love these.

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