Beautiful Sand Paintings by Andres Amadors

Beautiful Sand Paintings by Andres Amadors

Hi art lovers! This is the first time when I will be sharing stunning beach paintings by a very famous beach artist whose name is Andres Amadors. This is a kind of art which I have not seen much in the past but this is indeed really creative and this talent which Andres Amadors has is tremendous and is very laudable. 

His fragile beach art gets destroyed by regular waves of the sea but this doesn’t stop him from working on beach as his canvas. His art only lives in video’s and pictures and it’s really sad that his art goes away with sea waves. In this fine art and paintings blog I have collected some of the very beautiful innovative beach paintings by Andres Amadors, hope you like these.


  1. Jyoti....thanks for sharing such kind of paintings...I never see these kind of art before......

    Super like for this art pieces and hats off to artists