June 24, 2014

Wonderful Digital Art by Taiwanese artist Scarlett Chou

Wonderful Digital Art by Taiwanese artist Scarlett Chou

Hey all! How are you? This time I am in a mood to share some amazing digital art works by Taiwanese artist whose name is Scarlett Chou and is currently living and working in Southern California. She creates wonderful and some very amazing artworks by fusing fantasy art with Eastern culture. 
Her works are a perfect combination of western and modern motifs. Her art works reflects her experiences, emotions and beliefs.  

She says:
“My mother believes that creativity is the spirit of an art. So, she encouraged me to use my own methods to express my creativity and imagination. The profound and mysterious cultures of the Orient have had a tremendous impact on me since my youth. My inspiration comes from the Asian culture, nature and beautiful images in my mind of swaying flower petals and fluttering angels that have their own story and music.”

“To me, the entire computer is a paintbrush with unlimited possibilities that adds to my ability to create. I can work with very fine details and different layers of color schemes.”

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