June 10, 2014

Incredible and Realistic Animal Paintings by Heather Lara

Incredible and Realistic Animal Paintings by Heather Lara

Hey all! Hope you are having wonderful time and enjoying yourselves. I am pretty excited to share some very amazing and hyper realistic animal paintings by Heather Lara who is an exceptionally talented and very skillful painter from New England. 

She has been a great appreciator of nature since her childhood and this is what draws her attention towards animals which are a great gift of nature to human kind. Since her childhood, she has lived in many places but currently she is residing in Temecula, California with her husband and two small daughters. She works on the scratchboard which is special made board that is coated with a thin layer of fine clay. Then she paints it with airbrushed ink and the painting is made by scratching away the ink with a sharp tool or blade. Her paintings present a good example of contrast and color.


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