30 Incredible and Amazing Angel Paintings by Japanese Artist Yumi Sugai

30 Incredible and Amazing Angel Paintings by Japanese Artist Yumi Sugai
The angel of Cherry Blossoms 
Hi all! It’s my pleasure to introduce one of our featured members at this fine art blog post. This artist’s name is Yumi Sugai who is a very talented artist from Japan and loves to draw angels. She is a Japanese contemporary painter, working mainly with oil on canvas and defines her inspiration with the following words "I want to spread the painting of my angel in the world. An angel is a messenger from God.". So that when a world person watched the angel of my picture, it is healed.
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A fairy of the fantasy of the star

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Yumi Sugai has participated in exhibitions in Japan, France and Spain and obtained awards for her painting.

Her Story:
When my life was difficult, I have begun to draw an angel.
I think it to be a message from heaven.
When I draw an angel, I feel healing.

Find some of her art works here:
I demand the portrait of the pretty girl and boy.

An angel and a goddess of the art

An angel and a goddess of the month

The angel of Christmas

The Angel of Praying

The Angel of Bible

An angel of Blue Crystal

An angel of Pink Lily

An angel of Pink Sapphire

An angel with the herb

Angel Moloney

Angel of Christmas

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Mikhail 

Archangel rag L.

Archangel Raphael 

Guardian angel. Gabriel 

Guardian Angel

An angel of Christmas Rose

An angel of the Flash of light

An angel of the golden pearl

An angel of  the pink Christmas Rose

An angel who celebrates Christmas of the Christmas Rose 

An angel with the son of God sheep

The fairy of the Pink Tulip

The lovers of the Spring angel

The Prince of the angel

The Tea party of angels


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    1. http://www.posterlounge.co.uk/artists/yumi-sugai/
      I wait for the order of the poster of the picture of my angel.
      Yumi Sugai.